Trevor Dion Nicholas is an Actor, Singer, Musician and Songwriter born in West Virginia.

Performing through high school and attending West Virginia University for acting and vocal performance, Trevor developed his craft and his addiction to acting/singing was cemented into place. After school Trevor launched into a cascade of regional productions and characters ranging from the comedic to the dramatic but always with complete conviction and acute dedication. 

In March of 2015 Trevor made is Broadway debut as the standby for Genie in Disney’s Aladdin. In October of 2015 Trevor was announced to open the West End production of Aladdin in London as the Genie. 

Trev Genie Crop

Trevor is an accomplished musician and is the primary signer and songwriter for the Alternative Indie Soul band Neighborhood Goliath who released their debut E.P. “Between Satellites and Settling” in July of 2015.

Trevor Dion Nicholas spends his time between New York, Florida, Japan and visiting his childhood home in West Virginia. He strives to continue doing what he has loved to do his entire life, “put on a show!”

Follow Trevor Dion Nicholas on Twitter and Instagram @astonishingtrev


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