Neighborhood Goliath

Neighborhood Goliath is the brainchild of Trevor Dion Nicholas (Lead Vocalist/Rhythm Guitar/Keyboards/Lyrics) and J.S.T. Andrews (Bass Guitar/Saxophone). Both men pull in outlandish and overlapping influences to form their unique version of Alternative Indie R&B. Musical experimentation began between the two in 2011 and expanded to working with guitarists Tim Samples, Matt Robertson, Brian Ruppenkamp and Gary Lee. Contributing percussionist Joey Rauso and E. Cole helped to shape a musical experience that is surprising yet familiar. Trevor’s powerful voice is blended with various live vocal samples, created with the aid of additional vocalists Shauna Alexander, Bryan Demond Williams and Lauren Reynolds.

Neighborhood Goliath songs come from a perspective of honesty and vulnerability, blended with bass driven grooves and walls of guitars. All placed atop funk-filled drums and percussion. Individual members bring their own experiences and perspectives to each song, forming a masterful marriage of styles and genres including Indie Rock,Alternative Rock, Indie Pop, Brit Pop, Hip Hop and Jazz. Your ears won’t know what to expect but are guaranteed to love it.



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